How to Burn Incense Coils

How to Burn Incense Coils

Perhaps nothing feels more calming and soothing than the aroma of burning incense coils. There’s just something magical in these coils that instantly lightens up the mood and appease the spirits. But before you go and burn an incense coil, know that there is a proper way to do so. And you don’t need to type “incense coils how to burn” on the Google search field to find out. In this article, we will teach you how to burn incense coils the right way.

What Are Incense Coils?

Incense coils are a type of incense made with incense paste and coils. They have a flat base with several layers of coils, generally about five to eight. These coils can be conveniently purchased from incense shops, and they come in various brands.

One popular brand is called Darshan. Also known as 24-Hour incense coils, Darshan incense coils are dubbed as an economical way to experience the aroma of incense. They come in different scents, with Maharaja Gold, Nag Champa, and Opium, and Lavender as the most in-demand.

Why Burn Incense Coils?

Why do people burn incense coils in the first place? Well, each person has his own reason. And although research on the benefits of incense coils is limited, many use them. In fact, incense has been around for many years now, and it is still used in various religious rituals around the world.

To better understand why people burn incense coils, read on:


  • For Spiritual Practice

Burning incense, in general, is a great way to improve your spiritual routine. There are practices like yoga and meditation that are intensified by burning incense coils.


  • For Relaxation

Another benefit of burning incense coils is that it promotes relaxation. So, if you need to free yourself of stress, you may find that burning incense may be helpful. According to research, incense may help a person relax because of its scent. There are scents that are said to be suited for relaxation, such as lavender and rosemary. These scents are incorporated into incense coils.


  • For Concentration

Do you need to focus on something? Then you can burn an incense coil with a Frankincense scent. Many claim that this scent helps you concentrate.


  • For Energy Boost

Incense coils are also associated with energy benefits, particularly for the spiritual, sexual, and physical aspects. Therefore, if you find yourself struggling in any of these, burning incense coils can prove to be of great help.

How to Properly Burn Incense Coils

To make the most of your incense coils and have that perfectly relaxing ambience, here is a guide on how to burn incense coils:


  • Step 1: Find a location

The first thing that you should do is choose a location. The ideal place is one that is far from the window and opposite of the wind flow. If you put the incense coil near the window, the aroma coming from it will only go to waste.


  • Step 2: Position it on a flat surface

After choosing a location, you have to find a flat surface that can support the incense coil. This can be on the ground or the table. But again, it should be far from the window. You may also consider putting the incense coil in a luxury incense holder to ensure the ashes are intact.


  • Step 3: Light the coil

Now, you can light the tip of the coil. You may need to wait a couple of seconds for the flame to start burning the coil. And then, put out the flame. Do not use water to do that. It is important that the coil does not get wet as it may only affect its quality.


  • Step 4: Enjoy!

At this point, you can enjoy the pleasing scent of your incense coils!

Aromatic Incense Coils

Aromatic incense coils are the most economical and hassle-free way to enjoy the wide variety of incense coils as there’s no need to keep replacing and igniting sticks or cones every thirty minutes. It’s recommended that, like wood-burning fireplaces and anything that emits smoke, it be used in moderation and preferably with a window open. Another popular method is to infuse an empty room, then extinguish the coil until you next choose to re-ignite and enjoy the rich incense experience and benefits of olfaction.



Burning incense coils can somehow lift your spirits. However, you have to understand that there is a proper way to do it to ensure you reap its benefits.

Aside from making sure that it is set up in the right location, you have to put it on a flat surface and ensure it is positioned somewhere stable. After all, it is still a fire hazard. And fire hazards should be treated with the utmost care. It’s better to err on the side of caution than regret, right? By following our guidelines above and with some care, you should be able to enjoy your incense burning experience!

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